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centenaro New York

Holah for a Dolah In New York

The original plan was to move to Cali and find a means of generating income until I got eCommerce Cosmos in the green. I had the car packed up and ready to go but a free conference held by Wikipedia at New York Law School changed my course due north 1458.2 miles.

The City of New York

This city has so much hustle it’s incredible, thanks to one of my college roommates,¬†Scott Johnson I had the opportunity to spend a week in Greenpoint taking the G to the 7 to get to Manhattan.

luiz street art new york


Snapping a Quick Photo of Ja Rule @ Da Club


View of New York from Brooklyn


New York City Bridges


Gramercy Hotel Golden Bikes


Briney Park


Breaking Bad Van

Centenaro NY Library

New York City Public Library

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