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I Don’t Know Where I Am Sleeping Next Week And I am Excited About It

Making Everyday A New Adventure

On May 17th,  I left Fort Lauderdale for the world. I got into my 2006 Toyota Corolla, put a goat on it backcountry put a goat on it and started driving north. My original plan was to head west to California but an incredible free conference put on by Wikipedia at New York Law School changed my course by a few thousand miles.

I firmly believe growth isn’t spurred unless you thrust yourself into uncomfortable situations. It has always been my dream to travel and backpack across the world but always thought it as a far fetched dream. I made so many excuses:

  • I’ll travel when I have money
  • I just started a new job after a year I’ll go travel
  • I need to find someone to join me on my adventures

Man Bump That Nonsense

Life is happening, it’s not waiting for us, we could be gone tomorrow. Rather than making excuses make things happen.

Nobody is going to look out for you better than you are going to look out for yourself

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The Wynwood Walls and Startup Grind in Miami Florida

The start-up culture in Miami is booming as entrepreneurs, developers and investors flock to Florida’s paradise, making the Capital of Latin America a contender amongst Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston as a tech startup hub.

Wynwood’s Economy wasn’t always booming, but Tony Goldman saw the vision and was instrumental in overhauling the architecture with magnificent street art.

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