sleeping on a lake

Every Journey Has Obstacles

Spending an Unexpected Week in Orlando

So on May 17th, I left Fort Lauderdale for the World.

With a limited budget my original plan was to spend 70% of my time camping, and 30% crashing on friends couches. On my drive up I call the KOA in St Augustine, they wanted $45 for me to pitch a hammock between 2 trees. Nuts

So I call a friend and end up going to Orlando, a great friend and Phi Delt Fraternity brother Zachary Kruger offers a place to stay and crash for the night before heading to Falling Waters State Park.

luiz towed in orlando

Hey look at these two beautiful spots nobody used for 48 hours. Well I did for a solid 6 hours before they towed me away.

It was a Saturday night I figured I could park in the lawyers office. You can’t. Universal towing got to my Toyota corolla with all my gear and supplies.Happy to pay $175 to get my car/life back, I won’t be parking in a tow away zone again.

centenaro towed in orlando

Universal Towing In Orlando. Cash Only and I was always taught if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all. But as you can imagine the employees and owners are far from pleasant.

Making the Most of a Bad Situation

I stayed in Orlando for the week and had some great adventures with the best of friends. Jorge Benzaquen and Justin Flood offered me a couch and a place to stay for a week. Gladly accepting their generous offer to stay at the lake house I had a bunch of new gear I was itching to try so I pitched a tent in their backyard and spent a night in the middle of a lake and while staying connected to their Wifi “Bill Wi the Science Fi”.

camping and marketing centenaro sleeping on lake

 A Week of Adventures and Work In Orlando

Working a few hours a day on eCommerce email marketing, I made sure to leave ample time for adventures.


Playing with the cutest puppies ever, can’t wait to watch them grow up, keep sending pictures Justin Flood!


Just hanging

F150s and Puppies

F150 and puppies, every girls dream. Sorry ladies these gentlemen are taken.

luiz boating in orlando

Jorge picking up the boat from the repair shop.

luiz at ember orlando

Enjoying great food with TJ Roverts and Arthur Frisch

luiz centenaro hosting google partners connect in orlando at phi delta theta

Hosting Google Partners Connect in Orlando at Phi Delta Theta Lakeside Manor.

luiz, gurney and arthur at mellow mushroom

Devouring the Maui Wowie at Mellow Mushroom with Nick Gurney and Arthur Frisch.


Consuming the fantastic view from the VUE in Orlando thanks to Arthur.

During the day I set up shop at Phi Delta Theta and one of my Fraternity brothers Danny Mitchell joined eCommerce Cosmos after learning more about our mission to send emails that customers love to open.

So a few days later than planned I call Falling Waters State Park my first planned destination.

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Luiz Centenaro
Luiz Centenaro is a digital nomad traveling the world growing his startup eCommerce consulting business.
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