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Visiting the Tallest Waterfall in Florida at Falling Waters State Park


Falling Waters State Park

After spending a great week in Orlando, I Found this destination by searching Google for “the tallest waterfall in Florida” and I failed to realize it was Memorial Day Weekend and I called 5 hours before arriving to find that they are at capacity.

Luckily Jacob listened to my story about visiting the tallest waterfalls as I trek across the United States and how I only needed 2 trees to pitch a hammock and he was more than glad to accommodate me. Typically $18 per night I got hooked up and only had to pay $11 each night.

I arrive to be greeted by Park Ranger Scott who had been briefed by Jacob and gives me a warm welcome. Expecting a tiny space in a makeshift are I get a camping palace! Typically a primitive camping spot reserved  for an entire Boy Scouts troops I find myself manning an fantastic campsite.

Camping At Falling Waters

The campsite was set up with running water from a well, the very same well that nourished the house that Park Ranger Scott had lived in for 17 years! I had access to the lake, showers and the bathroom that served as my cellphone charging station. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.
falling waters state park lake

Setting up Camp

I slept in the hammock and set up the workstation in the tent to keep bugs out. AT&T hot spot came in clutch and I was able to get some eCommerce emails out.

Walmart or as Jimbo says Wally-World is a stone throw away and had great Memorial Day deals on Bud Heavy, Steak, Corn and Clif Bars. Seriously only $6 for a prime rib and $16 for a 24 pack of Budweiser that benefited the families of troops it was worth indulging. Grill Master Ander Solupe taught me the key to grilling the corn is to peel the leaves, apply seasoning then apply the leaves back on.

Going on Adventures In Chipley Florida

Exploring the State Park and What used to be a hopeful oil well was amazing.

After seeing everything the Falling Waters State Park had to offer, Park Ranger Scott recommended a visit to Econfina Creek. This was definitely a time I wish I had a kayak but was tons of fun even without one.

Finishing the weekend with some great reading, cooking eggs with the Jetboil, sleeping with the Ka-Bar for protection, and enjoying a fantastic lunch buffet at Angels, I highly recommend visiting Falling Waters State Park and roaming the town of Chipley for a weekend.



Now of to Georgia.

Luiz Centenaro
Luiz Centenaro is a digital nomad traveling the world growing his startup eCommerce consulting business.
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