Visiting Washington DC and Staying at the Capitol View Hostel

When Plans Don’t Go Accordingly, Pivot and Smile

I learned that plans will not always go accordingly early in my trip when I was towed in Orlando. The plan after visiting Amicalola Falls State Park was to camp in Virginia. I call them the morning of, let them know my plan to arrive by 8:00pm EST, and arrive to a closed gate. I call another campground to find they want $25 for me to pitch a tent under their pavillion.

luiz travels camp rawlings closed

I opt out of camping and call 2 hostels in Washington DC and end up staying at Capitol View for $10 more than the what the campground wanted.



The 2006 Corolla still going strong with a goat on it

The 2006 Corolla still going strong with a goat on it



Capitol View Hostel and eCommerce email marketing


The Kitchen at Capitol View Hostel


Cordito with a Paradiso, Salted Bacon with Nutella, fresh cut strawberries on a Brioche is incredible.


The Ethiopian Hand Pour gave me energy for hours


Nom Nom Nom deliciousness, Bacon and Nutella!

After a great night’s stay at Capitol View the great district was awaiting my exploration. Turning to Foursquare I discovered the Chinatown Coffee Company. Working for most of the day, I needed the caffeine and fun environment of this coffee shop. It was surprised how many people got there before me and stayed after, even though I put in a solid 6 hours.

The poor Wifi at this cafe was definitely overworked dying about 3 times on me, it helps having a plan for offline work. With enough caffeine in me to power a small army I start my drive to New York City!


Luiz Centenaro
Luiz Centenaro is a digital nomad traveling the world growing his startup eCommerce consulting business.
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